Literaturdokumentation Bildung [Education Bibliogaphy] : bibliographische Daten zur Erziehungswissenschaft und zu paädagogischen Praxisfeldern. - Eschborn : Fachinformationssytem Bilding. - (Fachinformationssystem Bildung, Geschäftsstelle, Berliner Str. 31 - 35, 65760 Eschborn)

2 (1995). - 1 CD-ROM + installation diskette, handbook (1994). DM 489.00 (purchased singly), DM 399.00 (subscription price for 2 or more years)

A comprehensive listing of German-langauge books, essays, articles, etc., in the field of education. This edition includes 244,000 entries from 1980 to 1994, 30,000 more than the previous (1994) edition. The printed Bibliographie Pädagogik is derived from the same databank. Publication of another print equivalent, Zentralblatt für Erziehungswissenschaft und Schule (ZEUS) has been "termporarily" suspended.

Literaturdokumentation Bildung uses the retrieval software CD ANSWER, which has become a standard software in Germany. Although there are gaps and inconsistencies in the indexing, the interface is powerful and user-friendly. Coverage is good, though, again, there are gaps. [mwg/sl]

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