Landkarten-Datenbank [Map Database] : Datenbank historisch wertvoller Landkartenbestände. - CD-ROM-Version. - Berlin : Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut

1995. - 1 CD-ROM + User Handbook. - ISBN 3-87068-840-1 (CD-ROM; incorrect) - ISBN 3-87068-480-1 (Handbook) : DM 110.00

The basis for this product has been an ongoing project to catalog rare and valuable maps - long libraries' step-children - that are held by German libraries. Beginning in 1985 with three major libraries (in Berlin, Munich and Göttingen), the project was to provide a union catalog to maps from 1500 to 1850, particularly single maps, facsimiles and atlases. The CD-ROM provides a searchable database of 300,000 entries, including approximately 170,000 single titles. It is a unique and invaluable resource for the map historian.

The contents of the CD are part of IKAR, the on-line database of the Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut. Maps are entered under their complete titles, including subtitles and other title information, without abbreviation or truncation of the title. This CD can unfortunately only be used in newer CD-ROM drives, but the CD provides some advantages in use over the on-line database. Searching occurs through the FREITEXT search program and can be done by standard title, author and keyword searches. Personal names and years are indexed. The often extensive addition to a map main title is not searchable, but the personal names and years in the subtitle have been indexed. Boolean searching and left and right truncation are available and up to 50 search commands can be saved. Search terms always must be a single word and the use of common terms such as "Karte" and "Atlas" can cause the system to abort the search. There are occasional typographical errors in the transcription of titles. A thesaurus with cross references between keyword categories would also aid the user. Aside from some minor difficulties, the map database is a milestone for access to cartographic materials. As more libraries add their map collections to the union catalog, the quality of the database will continue to improve. [wc/cmc]


Atlantes Austriaci [Austrian Atlases]: kommentierter Katalog der österreichischen Atlanten von 1561 bis 1994 / Ed. by Ingrid Kretschmer und Johannes Dörflinger. - Wien [et al.] : Böhlau. - 25 cm. - ISBN 3-205-98396-3 : öS 2543.00, DM 362.00

Part 1. Österreichische Atlanten 1561 - 1918 / Johannes Dörflinger und Helga Hühnel

Section 1. - 1995. - liii, 436 p. - ISBN 3-205-98369-6
Section 2. - 1995. - xxxii p., p. 437-852 : ill. - ISBN 3-205-98369-6

Part 2. Österreichische Atlanten 1919 - 1994 / Ingrid Kretschmer. - 1995. - xlv, 405 p. : ill. - ISBN 3-205-98395-5

This work is an extensively annotated cartography of Austrian atlases, of which over 1,600 were published between 1561 and 1994. The introductions to the two volumes provide a valuable historic overview of atlas publishing. Volume 1 deals with printed atlases from 1561 to 1918 in the Austrian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and volume 2 describes atlases produced or appearing in Austria from 1919 to 1994. Sixty atlas collections were examined, including some from eastern Europe. For 200 of the atlases, primarily school atlases, no copies could be found, so entries could only be created from possibly unreliable bibliographic citations. The entry for each atlas includes an exact transcription of the main title page, with indications of variations from this title page. In addition to imprint information the content of the atlas is analyzed, including a description of maps contained in the atlas.

Volume 1, part 1 (1561-1850) includes exact names of each map in the atlas, since older engraved atlases are often separated into single map leaves. This description is of special utility to map historians. Volume 1, part 2 (1851-1918) and volume 2 include the tables of contents of each of the atlases, helping the reader make bibliographical distinctions between copies of atlases. One unusual aspect of this work is that titles are listed by publisher, because, the editors explain, authors generally published with the same publisher anyway. [wc/cmc]

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