Lexikon alte Kulturen [Dictionary of Ancient Cultures] / ed. and comp. by Hellmut Brunner, Klaus Fessel, Friedrich Hiller and the editorial staff of Meyers Lexikon. - Mannheim [etc.] : Meyers Lexikonverlag. - 25 cm. - ISBN 3-411-07300-4 (Complete set) : DM 555.00

V. 1. A-Fir. - 1990. - 704 p. - ISBN 3-411-07301-2 : DM 185.00
V. 2. Fis-Mz. - 1993. - 704 p. - ISBN 3-411-07302-0 : DM 185.00
V. 3. N-Zz. - 1993. - 701 p. - ISBN 3-411-07303-9 : DM 185.00

The term "ancient cultures" is difficult to define, and this dictionary reveals a clear emphasis on European antiquity, the Orient, Egypt, India, South and Central America, Arabia, China and Japan. In comparison, the cultures of Africa, North America and Australia are given short shrift. Though an attempt is made to compare and contrast central themes common to several cultures, the dictionary falls short in this endeavor, seeming instead to simply list details of each individual culture. Though the concept may be open to criticism, the realization is good: numerous illustrations, easily understood language, up-to-date information. Overall, however, as a dictionary of ancient cultures, this work is neither complete nor balanced enough to live up to its name. [jm/hh]


Kleines Lexikon des Hellenismus [Short Dictionary of Hellenism] / ed. by Hatto H. Schmitt and Ernst Vogt. - 2nd enl. ed. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz, 1993. - XIV, 885 p. : ill. ; 18 cm. - ISBN 3-447-03278-2: DM 98.00

This revised and enlarged (by 140 pages) edition of the 1988 Kleines Wörterbuch des Hellenismus is really a series of concise, informative introductions to themes like poetry, religion, and history, although a 42 page index allows it to be used like a dictionary. It includes a chronological table and 33 illustrations. Its purchase is recommended for those not already owning the Wörterbuch. [jm/hsb]


Dictionnaire de la civilisation phénicienne et punique [Dictionary of Phoenician and Punic Civilization] / ed. by E. Lipinski. - [Turnhout] : Brepols, 1992. - XXII, 502 [18] p.: ill. ; 25 cm. ISBN 2-503-50033-1 : FB 3,953.00

This unique dictionary includes some 1500 signed articles by 80 specialists with many cross references and bibliographic citations in all western languages. One of its strengths is the inclusion of survey articles (on topics such as numismatics, classical authors, war, individual archaeological sites, etc.) in addition to wealth of details it provides. Coverage is especially strong on topics relating to religion, archaeology and topography. It is aimed at both scholars and students. This work is without competitor. [jm/hsb]


Einführung in das Studium der Zeitgeschichte [Introduction to the Study of Contemporary History] / Matthias Peter; Hans- Jürgen Schröder. With Markus M. Hugo... - Paderborn [etc.] : Schöningh, 1994. - 346 p. ; 19 cm. - (UTB für Wissenschaft : Uni-Taschenbücher ; 1742). - ISBN 3-506-99436-0 (Schöningh) - ISBN 3-8252-1742-6 (UTB) : DM 29.80

A concise, easily read introduction defines "Zeitgeschichte" (contemporary history), its methods, connection to other disciplines, its sources, etc.. The second part, about two thirds of the volume, contains an extensive annotated bibliography of bibliographies and other reference works as well as journals in the field. A particularly comprehensive chapter is devoted to published source material. Includes also an annotated listing of German institutions pertaining to research in contemporary history. The emphasis is on German sources, with the remaining listings limited to France, the U.K., and the U.S. This work is ideal for students, but also useful for scholars. [ah and sh/hsb]

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