Geographers : Biobibliographical Studies / ed. by Geoffrey J. Martin on behalf of the Working Group on the History of Geographical Thought of the International Geographical Union and the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science. - London : Mansell. - 24 cm. - ISSN 0308-6992

Vol. 16 (1995). - IX, 115 p. - ISBN 0-7201-2209-0 : £45.00

This volume is a part of the series Geographers, which publishes biobibliographical studies with the aim of showing the evolution of geography as a science. It portrays eleven geographers from eight countries, spanning a period from the 16th to the 20th century. Each article contains information about: 1) education, life, and work; 2) scientific ideas and geographical thought; 3) influence and spread of ideas. Appended to each article are a bibliography and sources, which include a thematic bibliography, selected publications, and a chronology. A cumulative index for the whole series is also available. [wc/mj]


Enzyklopädie der Entdecker und Erforscher der Erde [Encyclopedia of Explorers and Discoverers] / Dietmar Henze. - Graz : Akademische Druck- und Verlagsanstalt. - 28 cm. - ISBN 3-201-00912-1

Vol. 1. A - C. - 1978. - XIV, 767 p. - öS. 3800.00, DM 580.00
Vol. 2. D - J. - 1983. - XVI, 728 p. - öS. 3800.00, DM 580.00
Vol. 3. K - Pallas. With addenda and corrigenda to vol. 1, 2 and 3. - 1993. - XIV, 802 p. - öS. 4700.00, DM 720.00

Based on a comprehensive survey of all available travel literature, the first three volumes of this encyclopedia, which the author compiled single-handedly, cover about 3,000 names. Nevertheless, only those of European origin are included, and the period of coverage ends at 1900. The primary focus of the entries, which range from a few lines to several pages per entry, is on accomplishments rather than on biographical information as such. The abbreviations, selected by the author, do not meet international standards. [wc/mj]


Kartographische Bestandsverzeichnisse [Cartographic Holdings of the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin] / Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Preußischer Kulturbesitz. Ed. by Egon Klemp. - Berlin : Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz. - 21 cm. - Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Referat Öffentlichkeitsarbeit/Ausstellungswesen, 10772 Berlin)

2. Städte der neuen Bundesländer im Kartenbild. Teil. 1. Pläne und Grundrisse von 1550 - 1850 / Ed. by Wolfram Klaus. - 2nd, corrected reprint of the 1972 ed. - 1994. - V, 103 p. - Previously publ. as: Klaus, Wolfram: Die Städte der DDR im Kartenbild. - ISBN 3-88053-X : no price available

The fact that this bibliography (pt. 1, vol. 2), listing the cartographic holdings of the East Berlin part of the Prussian State Library, has been republished as a revised reprint can be seen as eveidence of its enduring value. The already published first five volumes (out of seven) put their emphasis on indexes of maps and outlines of cities, which are divided up by countries and continents. The period of coverage ranges from 1550 to 1945. Included are not only separately published maps, but also maps and outlines which are contained in other publications. The bibliography is organized by place names. Frequently unavailable information such as publishing date and scale is also provided. [wc/mj]


Bibliografie van in Nederland verschenen kartografische materialen [Bibliography of Cartographic Materials Published in the Netherlands] : Nederlandse bibliografie bevattende de in Nederland uitgegeven of herdrukte kartografische materialen die werden ontvangen door het Depot van Nederlandse Publikaties van de Koninklijke Bibliotheek te Den Haag. - Houten : Bohn, Stafleu, van Loghum. - 25 cm. - ISSN 0007-0165

1991/93 (1995). - XII, 645 p. - (Brinkman's cumulatieve catalogus van boeken ; 149, 1949, Appendix)

The publication of the cartographic section of the Dutch national bibliography, which began in 1975 and temporarily ceased publication after 1983, signals its resumption in the form of a three-year bibliography, of which this is the first (1991-1993). It is published as an appendix to the index of Brinkman's cumulative catalogus van boeken. The missing period of coverage (1984 to 1990) is available only in machine-readable form (CCK). Covered in this bibliography are not only maps, street plans and atlases, but also photo-maps, and remote-reconnaissance based digital maps. The main body of the bibliography is organized, unconventionally but practically, by publisher. It is indexed according to the CCK standard. One hopes that this three-year bibliography will continue to be published, and, better yet, that it will be published independently (not as an appendix). [sh/mj]


Andree, Stieler, Meyer & Co : Handatlanten des deutschen Sprachraums (1800 - 1945) nebst Vorläufern und Abkömmlingen im In- und Ausland ; bibliographisches Handbuch / by Jürgen Espenhorst. With a preface by Lothar Zögner. - Schwerte : Pangaea-Verlag. - Suppl.: Bibliographisches Handbuch der Handatlanten. - (Pangaea-Verlag, Villigster Str. 32, 58239 Schwerte)

Suppl. 1995 (1995). - IV p., p. 434 - 482. - ISBN 3-930401-34-7 : DM 15.00

One year later, a supplement to the main volume reviewed in RREO 95-1-123. Name and publisher indexes cover the main volume and the supplement. Another supplement has been announced, while a new edition of the entire bibliography will only be possible after "further years of research." Although primarily intended for collectors and antiquarian dealers, this bibliography also gives libraries useful access to otherwise elusive bibliographic information. [sh/mj]

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