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Japan-Bibliografie. Reihe A, Monografien, Zeitschriften, Karten : Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger japanbezogener Veröffentlichungen = Bibliography of Japan / Wolfgang Hadamitzky ; Marianne Kocks. - München [etc.] : Saur. - 25 cm. - ISBN 3-598-22145-2

Vol. 3
Part 1. 1951 - 1970. - 1995. - XVIII, 282 p. - ISBN 3-598-22152-5 : DM 248.00

No improvements have been made to the flawed subject indexing and otherwise insufficient index since our earlier review of vol. 2 (Reihe A) in RREO 94-3/4 -551. The preface announces further delays in the production of the series. [sh/mm]


Dictionnaire de la civilisation japonaise [Dictionary of Japanese Civilization] / sous la direction d'Augustin Berque. - Paris : Hazan, 1994. - XXXV, 537 p. ; 30 cm. - Additional cover title: Nihon bunka . - ISBN 2-85025-348-0 : FF 580.00

A superior reference work for terms related to historical aspects of Japanese art and culture, with a correspondingly rich book design, a table of Japanese history, maps, and a concise index that includes important terms in Japanese. Reliable and current topical information (up to 1993) compensates for gaps in coverage in less lofty topics: sociopolitical subjects, biographical information, and statistical information. Includes bibliographical references to recent works about art and culture (mostly in French; Japanese works appear only when no European work is available). This book is indispensable in an art library reading room, and well suited as a supplement to East Asian collections already in possession of more general reference works. [hkl/mm]

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