Adressbuch Umweltschutz [Conservation Directory] : Handbuch für Presse, Behörden, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft, Verbände, Bürgerinitiativen / by the Deutschen Umweltstiftung. Ed.: Hans Gunter Schumacher. - Wiesbaden ; Berlin : Bauverlag - 21 cm.

3 (1993). - XV, 522 p. - ISBN 3-7625-2984-1 : DM38.50

The Adressbuch Umweltschutz aims to promote communication among environmental groups of all sorts. Entries provide a postal address and contact person and are arranged in nine categories: federal and provincial groups; local and regional associations; social groups; environmental action groups and associations; science and research (including universities and independent institutions); media; foundations; databanks and libraries; and international addresses. Subject access is deficient, the index providing access by agency name only. The third edition incorporates addresses from the new provinces, previously listed as a separate category. [wc/ab]


Adressbuch Umwelt-Experten [Directory of Environmental Experts] : der schnelle Wegweiser mit Anschriften, Themengebieten und Tätigkeitsumfang ; fur Unternehmen, Behörden, Institutionen, Beratung / Jurgen Bodelle ; Hans- Joachim Kursawa-Stucke. [In conjunction with the Gesellschaft für Technologie und Umweltschutzberatung]. - Taunusstein : Blottner, 1992. - 283 p. ; 22 cm. - ISBN 3-89367-029-7 : DM 76.00

This print edition of the Experten-Datei Umwelt (EDU) [database of environmental experts] is current to January 1992 and contains entries for 1251 persons associated with public institutions or companies that offer evaluative or training services. Entries indicate postal address, subject specialty, type of assistance, and fees. These are listed alphabetically and according to 26 subject specialities. Entries within each subject category are arranged geographically by (old) postal code, so that some measure of subject and geographic access is provided. [wc/ab]


Lexikon der Ökologieexperten [Dictionary of Ecological Experts]. - Frankfurt : OKO-TEST-Verlag, 1993. - 639 p. ; 25 cm. - ISBN 3-929530-00-7 : DM 148.00

This Who's Who of ecological experts provides 571 one-page biographical sketches, most accompanied by a photograph, describing education, career, publications, subject specialty. The entries are arranged alphabetically and are indexed by specialty, areas of activity, institutions, and by terminal degree or certification. The criteria for inclusion are identified as authority, critical ecological consiousness, and leadership, but the selection appears to be nonetheless subjective. The busy layout and high price are discouraging. [wc/ab]


Bürger im Umweltschutz [Citizens in Conservation] : nichtstaatliche Umweltschutzorganisationen und Bürgerinitiativen Umweltschutz in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. - Berlin : Umweltbundesamt. - 30 cm. - (Umweltbundesamt, Fachgebiet "Umweltaufklarung", Postfach 330022, 14191 Berlin)

8. 1993/94 (1994). - 118 p. - Free of charge

This directory of non-government environmental associations and citizens action groups in Germany is but part of a comprehensive database available through the the German federal environmental agency). The printed directory is arranged geographically, listing first transregional groups, then groups by province, subarranged by placename. Entries indicate postal address, areas of activity, and publications. The database, available on diskette for a nominal fee, includes a dictionary, bibliographic references, resolutions and regulations, and a list of environmentally safe products, in addition to the directory. [wc/ab]


Medienführer Umwelt [Media Directory of the Environment]: Handbuch fur Journalisten / Ed.: Medienzentrum Umwelt. - Remagen-Rolandseck; Rommerskirchen, 1994. - 256 p. ; 21 cm. - ISBN 3-926943-38-6 : DM 42.80

Intended to promote cooperation between editorial boards and independent journalists, the Medienführer Umwelt provides not only addresses, but a status report on environmental journalism. The directories included in each chapter are clearly indicated in the table of contents and include among other categories, educational institutions, database providers, editorial boards, and independent journalists. Entries for journalists are the most detailed and indicate medium, training, and areas of special interest. The entries for editorial staff are arranged by media and indicate the contact person responsible for environmental topics. [wc/ab]


Umweltbildung in Deutschland [Environmental Education in Germany] : Adressen, Aufgaben und Angebote von Institutionen und Verbanden / Sabine Engels-Wilhelmi (Ed.). - Bonn : Economica-Verlag. - 21 cm ; 1993. - 298 p. - ISBN 3-87081-103-X : DM 38.00

This directory provides addresses and descriptions of the organization, publications, course offerings, and intended audience of over 500 organizations offering environmental education or training. Unfortunately the organization of the material is somewhat unclear and there is no index. [wc/ab]

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