Dictionary of Chemistry on CD-ROM : English/German ; Deutsch/Englisch / G. Wenske. - Weinheim [etc.] : VCH, 1994. - 1 CD-ROM + User's guide. - ISBN 3-527-29266-7 : DM 598.00, DM 848.00 (CD-ROM plus print volume)

This work updates Wenske's Dictionary of chemistry = Wörterbuch Chemie of 1992-1994, and provides over 150,000 entries in both English and German. With the CD-ROM version it has become a reference work without rival in chemistry, chemical engineering, biochemistry and related fields. Its closest competitors are either outdated or provide fewer entries. The quantity of the entries is enhanced by references to synonyms or archaic terms, and to IUPAC nomenclature. The CD-ROM employs a simple user interface, and comes with an easily-understandable user's manual. Minimum technical specifications are 2 MB RAM (4 MB recommended), a minimum of 1 MB of hard disk space, and Windows 3.1 or higher. It makes effective use of Windows features such as graphical command buttons, and offers flexible search options and truncation of search terms. [ho/sbd]

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