Multilingual Lexicon of Higher Education. Ed. Adrian Nicolescu. München [et al.]: Saur. ISBN 3-598-10883-4 (set)

Vol. 2. Central and Eastern Europe Also Including Greece, Israel, and Turkey. 1996. xiii, 315 p. ISBN 3-598-11059-6: DM 148.00

The first volume of this reference work was reviewed in RREO 95-3-444 . The second volume is arranged like the first and covers some European countries not included in the first volume, as well as Turkey and Israel. Excluded (without explanation) are the former Yugoslavian states of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, as well as Belarus The alphabetical organization is inconsistent for the countries that do not use the Latin alphabet. As in the first volume there is considerable confusion as to the classification of European geography. The p ublisher would do well to issue a cumulative index to the two volumes. [us/mz]

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