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German Geographical Research 1992-1996: Bibliography of Publications in Geographical Series, Submitted at the Occasion of the 28th International Geographical Congress, The Hague, The Netherlands, August 4-10, 1996. Comp. Heinz Peter Brogiato and Birgit A. Schulte. Trier: Dokumentationszentrum für Deutsche Landeskunde, Universität Trier, 1996. 299 p. 21 cm. (DL-Berichte und Dokumentationen, 1) ISBN 3-9805219-0-7: no charge. (Dokumentationszentrum . . . , Universität Trier, FB VI, Gebäude H, 54286 Trier; Fax 0651/201-3820, E-mail: zedeland@uni-trier.de)

This bibliography of German geographical serials - series, atlases published in parts, and the most important geographical journals - derives from the Geographisches Taschenbuch, or GT, which was reviewed several years ago in German at IFB 94-1-140. It is available free-of-charge. Unlike the GT, it lists titles published only in Germany itself (GT includes all of German-speaking Europe) and it lists the individual titles of anthologies and other collections. Over 1,100 titles published in series are included in the first three chapters, organized by type of publishing institution: universities, learned societies, publishers. There are author and subject indexes, the latter both in German and English. The database is also available, again at no charge, via the World Wide Web, and can be downloaded in either plain text format or as a Microsoft Word for Windows document. In spite of its narrower focus, this work offers significant advantages over its source publication: it provides contents to collections, the indexing is better, and it very conveniently includes the publisher's address together with the title listing. [sah/hsb]


Großer Autoatlas Deutschland [Great German Car Atlas] [Database]: 1:200,000. München, Stuttgart: RV-Verlag. (BEE Book: COM CART) 1996 ed. 1 CD-ROM. ISBN 3-575-09019-X: DM 98.00


Profiatlas Deutschland [Germany: The Atlas for Pros] [Database]: 1:200,000, 1:1,000,000. Windows-Version. Berlin [et al.]: RV-Verlag, 1995. 1 CD-ROM. (COM CART). ISBN 3-575-09011-4: DM 398.00

Under the label COM CART, the RV Verlag offers a comprehensive set of digital maps based on its well-known printed road maps and atlases. Its selection of electronic maps ranges from very detailed city maps to road atlases at various scales. Großer Autoatlas Deutschland is the most complete of its map packages, offering overview maps of Germany with clickable icons of routes through cities, detailed city maps, highway routing systems, and a database connection program. The user interface is well designed, with easy scrolling to change the scale, type of map or location. Getting driving directions from one place to another is limited by the structure of the atlas's basic distance calculator, which calculates routes only on autobahns and main highways. The diskette supplementing the Profiatlas enables the user to plot a more efficient, often shorter route between smaller towns, using normal highways and even country roads. Digitized maps and atlases are most functional for searching locations of streets and towns while planning a trip. For use on the road, a printed map or atlas is obviously more practical. Consumers will no doubt benefit from the publisher's use of up-to-date digital databases to produce both print and electronic maps. Judging from the relatively high price of these electronic products, it appears that producers are testing their new market while continuing to sell traditional printed maps. [wc/cmc]

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