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Müllers grosses deutsches Ortsbuch: Bundesrepublik Deutschland; vollständiges Gemeindelexikon [Müllers German Gazetteer: Federal Republic of Germany, Complete Lexicon of Places]. Comp. Joachim Müller. Wuppertal: Post- und Ortsbuchverlag Friedrich Müller. 30 cm

26th ed. (1996-97). 1266 p. ISBN 3-87643-012-7: DM 196.00

The 25th edition of this important German gazetteer (see RREO 95-2-266, also Reference Reviews Europe Annual 1995, p. 157) was the first to document the changes brought about by German unification. The 26th edition goes one step further by accounting for the reforms in local government in the former German Democratic Republic. The new edition contains over 330,000 changes to its predecessor. Minor changes in format, indexing, etc., represent further improvements. [wc/sl]


The British Library Companion to Maps and Mapmaking. Rebecca Stefoff. London: British Library, 1995. 303 p. ill. 29 cm. ISBN 0-7123-0650-1: £25.00

Rebecca Stefoff, known for her biographies of famous explorers, covers both historical and modern cartography in this handbook, which is also enriched by biographical articles on important cartographers and numerous illustrations. With over 350 articles, this volume is directed primarily at the layperson who wants an introduction to cartographically-related events and techniques, as well as to producers of maps. As one would expect, historical cartography is disproportionately represented, with only a few articles devoted to more modern themes ("Computers in Mapmaking," "Mental Maps," "Satellites"). An appendix includes, among other listings, a selective bibliography of English-language titles and an annotated list of organizations and collections in the field of cartography, also directed primarily at the Anglo-American reader. [wc/vh]


Alte Landkarten, Globen und Städteansichten: mit aktuellen Marktpreisen [Old Maps, Globes and City Views: With Current Market Prices]. Gert K. Nagel. Augsburg: Battenberg, 1994. 171 p. ill. 26 cm. (Battenberg-Antiquitäten-Katalog). ISBN 3-89441-183-X: out of print

This volume is intended primarily for German collectors of antique maps. It is part of the Battenberg-Antiquitäten-Kataloge [Catalog of Antiques] series, which is designed to provide introductions to various collecting areas. The many examples reproduced here give the collector a visual impression of the variation of maps available; the prices quoted provide an idea of their value. A glossary defines technical terms used in the text. [wc/vh]


Frauen reisen: ein bibliographisches Verzeichnis deutschsprachiger Frauenreisen 1700 bis 1810 [Women Travel: A Bibliographic Index to German-Language Women's Travel Literature from 1700 to 1810]. Wolfgang Griep and Annegret Pelz. Bremen: Edition Temmen, 1995. 438 p. 23 cm. (Eutiner Kompendien, 1). ISBN 3-926958-46-6: DM 48.00

The long-awaited catalog of German-language women's travelogues has finally appeared. With 631 titles listed, the subject matter is astoundingly broad: travel literature both by and about women is included, as are both real and fictional travel reports. This somewhat problematic mixture of texts from rather different categories might have been remedied had the alphabetical listing of entries been classified. A chronological index would also have helped. The catalog is an excerpt from a database of German language travel literature maintained by the Eutiner Forschungsstelle zur Historischen Reisekultur (the Eutin Research Center for Historical Travel Culture) located in the Eutiner Landesbibliothek (Schlossplatz 4, D-23701 Eutin). A number of indexes offer access by author, title, location, etc. The entries offer biographical information, publishing history, contemporary commentaries and more. A partially annotated bibliography of 272 publications about the topic of women travellers reflects the current state of scholarship. Seldom has it been so delightful to read through a bibliography! [jb/vh]

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