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Handbuch literarisch-kultureller Vereine, Gruppen und Bünde 1825-1933 [Handbook of Literary-Cultural Clubs, Groups and Guilds, 1825-1933]. Ed. Wulf Wülfing, Karin Bruns, and Rolf Parr. Stuttgart; Weimar: Metzler, 1998. xviii, 597 p. 24 cm. (Repertorien zur deutschen Literaturgeschichte, 18) ISBN 3-476-01336-7: DM 148.00


Die deutschen Dichterbünde: von den Meistersingern bis zum PEN-Club [German Poet Guilds: From the Meistersingers to the PEN Club]. Jost Hermand. Köln [et al.]: Böhlau,1998. vii, 383 p. ill. 24 cm. ISBN 3-412-09897-3: DM 68.00

Both books address literary/cultural organizations, providing detailed information that in the past was scattered among many sources. The kinds of groups that are covered in each title vary somewhat (professional organizations are omitted from the Handbuch, but included in Die deutschen Dichterbünde, for example).

The Handbuch covers 132 groups active during 1825 to 1933 (although organizations that were founded after 1918 are omitted); Die deutschen Dichterbünde includes the 100 most important German writers' organizations from the late Middle Ages to the present. The Handbuch has various indexes that facilitate using the volume; Die deutschen Dichterbünde has only a personal name index. [ed/mrh]


Handbuch der Universitäten und Fachhochschulen Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz [Handbook of Universities and Colleges in Germany, Austria, Switzerland]. München: Saur. 24 cm. Previous title, 1st through 4th ed. (1993): Handbuch der Universitäten und Fachhochschulen Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz [Handbook of Universities and Colleges of the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, Switzerland]. ISSN 1430-4635

8th ed. (1998). xxiv, 718 p. ISBN 3-598-11352-8: DM 368.00

That the eighth edition is much larger than the seventh (1996) results less from the increase in the number of listed universities and technical schools to 407 (62 more) than from the fact that all professors are listed and included in the personal name index. The data have been taken from the winter 1997/98 catalogs (partly also from the summer 1998 catalogs) and include e-mail and Internet addresses. Otherwise the arrangement is unchanged: alphabetical by the three countries, then by place, and then by the schools and further by their departments. The subject index is characterized by the use of precise, narrow terminology. This relatively inexpensive and up-to-date directory has gained by the inclusion of the teaching personnel; it is often unnecessary to consult the much more expensive Vademecum deutscher Lehr- und Forschungsstätten. [sh/gh]

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