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Enzyklopädisches Wörterbuch Kartographie in 25 Sprachen = Encyclopedic Dictionary of Cartography in 25 Languages = Dictionnaire encyclopédique de cartographie en 25 langues. Joachim Neumann. 2d expanded ed. München: Saur, 1997. 586 p. 28 cm. First ed. published as: Multilingual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Cartography. ISBN 3-598-10764-1: DM 480.00

This polyglot dictionary replaces the Multilingual Dictionary of Technical Terms in Cartography published in 1973 by the International Cartographic Association. (It is not clear why the ICA withdrew its participation, though this fact seems not to have deterred widespread involvement in the project by scholars around the globe.) Like the previous edition, it is organized into 10 main thematic sections, with numerous subsections. The section on computer-supported cartography has been expanded from one page to twelve; most terminology in this area is primarily in English in any case. The work includes 1,351 terms, with definitions in German, English, Spanish, French and Russian, and is immensely helpful for users of these languages. Equivalent terms are given in 20 additional languages (compared with 9 in the earlier edition).Only the five principle languages are indexed, so if you are looking for a term in Japanese, for example, you must find it by locating the term in one of the main languages. Many basic definitions have been reproduced unaltered from the 1973 edition. [sh/vh]


Mapping the UK. C. R. Perkins and R. B. Parry.London; Munich [et al.]: Bowker-Saur, 1996. xii, 397 p. 31 cm. ISBN 1-85739-030-X: DM 360.00.

The authors, well known from a number of standard works on cartography, have produced a much-needed detailed description of the current state of cartography in Great Britain, including recent technological developments and the switchover to the metric system. Beginning with a history of the ordnance survey and the development and use of various scales, they devote a large part of the volume to topographical maps. Official map production is covered in chapters devoted to geological maps, weather maps, and soil maps, among others. Private map producers, who lead in the areas of road maps and geographical information systems, are also included, and special attention is devoted to cartographic representations in the media. Each chapter ends with a prognosis for the future, a directory, and citations for further reading. An appendix lists major map collections in Great Britain. [wc/vh]

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