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Maps and Mapping of Africa: A Resource Guide. John McIlwaine. London: Zell, 1997. xxviii, 391 p. 24 cm. ISBN 1-873836-76-7: 60.00

The author, known for his Africa: A Guide to Reference Material (London, 1993) and Writings on African Archives (London, 1996) has compiled a comprehensive bibliography listing 3,131 numbered entries, divided into three parts: (1) Africa in general; (2) Africa as mapped by colonial and overseas agencies; and (3) Africa by region and country. Unlike most works of this type, this bibliography is not limited to sub-Saharan Africa. The chapters are uniformly and effectively organized, covering bibliographies and catalogs, atlases, gazetteers, indexes, works on cartography, etc., including those in languages of the non-English colonial powers, as well as numerous nineteenth-century publications. Citations are generally not annotated, and include titles through 1995. Indexes are by name (personal, corporate, geographical) and subject. This is a superb bibliography. One hopes the author will soon publish an updated and expanded version of his Africa: A Guide to Reference Material. [sh/hsb]

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