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Adreßbuch Erziehungswissenschaft: Verzeichnis der Institutionen und des Personals erziehungswissenschaftlicher Forschung und Lehre [Address Book of Education: Directory of Institutions and Individuals in Education Research and Teaching]. Deutsche Gesellschaft für Erziehungswissenschaft/DGfE. Opladen: Leske + Budrich. 15 cm. Previous title: Handbuch Erziehungswissenschaft [99-1/4-344]

1998 ed. 418 p. ISBN 3-8100-1979-8. DM 48.00

This directory seems to change its title and publisher more frequently than the education community changes its paradigms. At least its most recent title change since 1983--when it was first published as the Pädagogen-Handbuch-- at last accurately characterizes the work as an "address book" rather than a "handbook." After providing organizational information on the DGfE (e.g., bylaws, board members, committees, task forces, and a membership directory), the main body of the publication contains a directory of faculties of education, first in Germany, then in Austria and the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Directory entries are more extensive than in the previous edition and include, in addition to basic contact information, names of faculty members, individual departments and sections (Fachbereiche), majors and degrees, now also Internet and e-mail information. Some entries identify databases maintained (online--though without URLs--and on CD-ROM or through commercial vendors) and journals published. There is a name index.

Although it is surely practical for German institutions to have this compact volume within easy reach, libraries elsewhere in the world might prefer the online version at <http://www.educat.hu-berlin.de/dgfe/ for their links collection. This web version not only supports English-language directory searches, but also has more information than the print version. Of course, it also offers the further advantage of linking directly to the described resources. Since 1995 (5th ed.), the CD-Bildung has also included the contents of this directory. For further information on this database, earlier called Literaturdokumentation Bildung, see RREA 1:440 or the extensive IFB review of the 2d edition at <http://www.bsz-bw.de/depot/media/3400000/3421000/3421308/95_0237.html ) [sh/jg]

Maria-Montessori-Bibliographie: 1896-1996; internationale Bibliographie der Schriften und der Forschungsliteratur [Maria Montessori Bibliography, 1896-1996: International Bibliography of Writings and Research Literature]. Ed. Winfried Böhm. Bad Heilbrunn: Klinkhardt, 1999. 527 p. 22 cm. ISBN 3-7815-0986-9: DM 158.00 [99-1/4-345] This bibliography begins with some rather extravagant self-praise by the compiler, as if the one-hundred-year span covered bibliographically entitles him to characterize his work as the "publication of the century" on this topic--which, in his introduction, he in fact does. Perusing this work, it becomes clear that it is the product of a life-long obsession with data collection, in recent years made more feasible through the use of staff at his institution, the University of Würzburg, some of whom were even sent abroad in search of new material. The result is a listing of approximately 14,400 monographs and articles mainly in German and English, reflecting the disproportionate reliance on databases from Germany, the UK, and the United States, with Italian, of course, also well-represented, but little material in other languages. Entries are divided into three sections: (1) Montessori's own works, arranged chronologically, then alphabetically by title; (2) literature on Montessori, alphabetical by author (including the prolific AA.,VV., and N.N.!); (3) unattributed literature on Montessori, arranged by year. The complete lack of indexes renders this bibliography largely useless, a veritable cemetery of data. [sh/jg]

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