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Segler-Lexikon [Sailing Dictionary]. Joachim Schult. 11th rev. and enl. ed. Bielefeld: Delius Klasing, 1999. 797 p. ill. 22 cm. ISBN 3-7688-1041-0: DM 49.80 [00-1/4-302]

Joachim Schult, a well-known and successful transatlantic sailor, is also a competent and well-versed author of numerous books on sailing. The first edition of this dictionary was translated into English in 1982; a second English edition followed in 1992. Sailing terminology requires both the expert knowledge and the practical experience of the lexicographer, and Schult is eminently suited to his task.

The 4,000 entries of the original edition have now grown to 5,500. This increase is explained not only by the inclusion of new terminology in sports sailing, but also by that of traditional sailor's jargon that was not originally included. This is a comprehensive and well-designed dictionary. Numerous cross-references add to its value. Because every entry also includes the equivalent in Anglo-American sailing terminology, the dictionary is, in fact, also a German-English dictionary. (This does not mean that Doberman's English-German and German-English Wörterbuch vom Wassersport should be ignored by translators.) The 11th edition does not appear to be significantly different from the 10th edition, and libraries that own the older one do not need to buy the new one. For libraries that collect materials on sailing, this dictionary is highly recommended. [js/rs]

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