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Kasimir & Co.: Marlene Reidel, Bilder-Bücher [: Marlene Reidel’s Illustrated Children’s Books]. Catalog of an exhibit in the Museum im Kreuzgang, Landshut, from 18 October 2003 to 25 April 2004. Ed. Franz Niehoff. Landshut: Museen der Stadt Landshut, 2003. 368 p. ill. 30 cm. (Schriften aus den Museen der Stadt Landshut, 16). ISBN 3-924943-38-9: EUR 32 [05-1-012]

This opulent catalog of an exhibit organized by the city of Landshut in honor of the 80th birthday of Marlene Reidel documents her oeuvre. Known for her picture books and bucolic illustrations for children’s books, as well as for other works such as song-books, fairy tales, and books on religious topics, her publications have been continuously available, although in recent years she has not played much of a role in the substantive or artistic advancement of the craft of book illustration. Her second book (München, 1957), Kasimirs Weltreise [Around the World with Casimir], was awarded the German Youth-Book Prize in 1958.

The catalog includes biographical pieces, as well as articles on Reidel’s graphic works and on her glass art and still lifes. It also includes reproductions of original works (some previously unpublished) for her illustrated publications, with concise information about each of them. Also offered are an article on the history and international dissemination of her work and a chronological bibliography of her publications.

The catalog has value as a documentation of children’s literature and the art of illustration, especially from the 1950s and 1960s. More than just a survey of the work of the artist Marlene Reidel, which spanned almost half a century and defied all classification, it is also in a sense a powerful final accent for the postwar epoch of the West German picture book. [mmk/nb]

Estnische Literatur in deutscher Sprache 1784-2003: Bibliographie der Primär- und Sekundärliteratur [Estonian Literature in German 1784-2003: Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Literature]. Cornelius Haselblatt. Bremen: Hempen, 2004. 180 p. 24 cm. ISBN 3-934106-43-9: EUR 28 [05-2-272]

This new edition of Estnische Literatur in deutscher Sprache 1802-1985 (1st ed.: Hamburg: H. Buske, 1988) has been expanded to include works published 1784-1801 as well as 1986-2003. Forty percent of the entries covered include translations published since 1986 which most likely has to do with Estonia’s relatively recent independence. The foreword provides details about selection criteria and this new edition’s differences from the previous one. Some marginal titles from the first edition are no longer included in this edition.

As noted by the subtitle, this bibliography covers secondary literature in German, but for personal bibliographies titles both in German and in Estonian are provided. Entries for Estonian authors, most of whom are still living, include separate chronological listings of reviews, translations, secondary literature, and reference title numbers for major reference works in which the author is included. 1,452 specific titles are included as well as a list of general secondary literature titles and bibliographical aids. The personal name index which pertains only to the main section of the bibliography includes only the names of translators and reviewers, but not authors covered in the bibliography. [sh/bwv]

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