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Die Frauen der Nazis: die drei Bestseller vollständing aktualisert in einem Band [The Wives of the Nazis: The Three Bestsellers Completely Updated in one Volume]. Anna Maria Sigmund. Updated complete paperback ed. München: Heyne, 2005. 1,069 p. ill. 19 cm. (Heyne, 60016). ISBN 3-453-60016-9: EUR 15 [05-2-282]

The three separate books that have been combined into one volume for this edition were published between 1998 and 2002. The author is a member of the Institute for Austrian History at the University of Vienna. It is regrettable that she has chosen to concentrate only on the wives of very prominent Nazis, such as Goebbels, Göring, or Hess, and to present women with glamorous, extravagant or highly publicized lifestyles. In so doing she does not offer a representative picture of the lives of the most Nazi wives. There is a select bibliography, some very interesting facsimile reproductions, but no index of names. [frh/ldl]

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