Handbuch der Nachlässe und Sammlungen österreichischer Autoren [Directory of Archives and Collections of Austrian Authors] / Murray G. Hall ; Gerhard Renner. - 2nd, revised and enlarged ed. - Wien ; Köln [et al.] : Böhlau, 1995. - xxv, 460 p. ; 25 cm. - (Literatur in der Geschichte, Geschichte in der Literatur ; 23) - ISBN 3-205- 98371-8 ; ÖS 686.00, DM 98.00

First reviewed in RREO 94-3/4-396, the first edition (1992) of this directory of personal collections went out of print rapidly, an indicator of its usefulness. It is now available in an updated, enlarged, and improved second edition listing more than 1,300 authors. Shorter descriptions have been fleshed out, holding libraries added, address information and bibliographies updated, and text corrections made. New in this edition is a directory of institutions and the collections held in each. [sh/hh]


Jahrbuch der deutschen Bibliotheken [German Libraries Annual] / issued by the Verein Deutscher Bibliothekare. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 25 cm. - ISSN 0075-2223

56. 1995/96 (1995). - xxi, 592 p. - ISBN 3-447-03637-0 : DM 138.00

The Jahrbuch is published every two years. The 1993 volume (no. 55) of the premier directory for academic libraries in Germany was reviewed in RREO 94-2-212, when it appeared in its new format, including for the first time the libraries of the eastern German states. Only two libraries have been added since the last volume, bringing the total to 690. In this issue, e-mail addresses are added to library information, where available; these appear to vary greatly from institution to institution, in number, form and accuracy. Because of the rapid changes in some of the information contained in the Jahrbuch, it might be practical to consider an electronic version in addition to the print. [sh/hh]


Erwerbungsabteilungen deutscher Bibliotheken [Acquisitions Departments in German Libraries] : Personen & Anschriften ; EDB / Compiled by Stephen Röper and Hiltrud Wilfert. Ed. by Margot Wiesner. - Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz. - 25 cm. - (Bibliotheksarbeit). - ISSN 0945-4632

1995/96 (1995). - 157 p. - ISBN 3-447-03618-4 : DM 49.80

This specialized directory was first reviewed when it made its debut with the 1993/94 edition (RREO 94-2-213). The current volume lists 600 (versus 362) public and academic libraries with an annual acquisitions budget of over DM 100,000 (this selection criterium is not consistently adhered to). It is not clear why some libraries list their collection emphases and others don't, and since this aspect is not indexed, its usefulness is questionable. The volume's only index is a list of the data processing systems used by each library in the acquisitions function (which happens to provide the significant statistic that of the 52 systems listed, 36, that is 70%, are used at only one library). This directory would be a prime candidate for a rapidly updatable central database, perhaps in conjunction with an Internet discussion forum for acquisitions issues. [sh/hh]

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