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Literatur zur deutschsprachigen Presse: eine Bibliographie; von den Anfängen bis 1970 [Literature on the German-Language Press: A Bibliography; From the Beginning to 1970]. Gert Hagelweide. München [et.al.]: Saur. 31 cm. (Dortmunder Beiträge zur Zeitungsforschung; 35). ISBN 3-598-21284-4

Vol. 7. 69709-80619: Deutschsprachige Länder, Teil 1, Deutschland: lokale Pressegeschichte, Druck-, Verlags- und Vertriebsorte; Magdeburg-Zwönitz [German-Speaking Countries, Part 1, Germany: Local Press History, Places of Printing, Publishing, and Distribution; Magdeburg-Zwönitz]. 1996. xxiii, 390 p. ISBN 3-598-21305-0: DM 348.00

Volume 7 completes the 3-volume part of this work dealing with the history of the local German press. (Volume 5 was reviewed in RREO 95-2-210; volume 6 in RREO 95-3-316). Each article consists of four sections: 1) printing, journalism, publishing and marketing, 2) individual publishing companies, 3) special issues of publications, 4) individual newspapers and magazines. Many helpful references are included, and this volume, like its predecessors, is a useful contribution to the history of publishing. Still to be published: vol. 8, German-speaking foreign countries; vol. 9, German-language literature and press of German minorities in non-German-speaking foreign countries; vol. 10-12, biography of the press; vol. 13, the press and advertising law; vol. 14, index. If the current publication schedule is maintained, the last volume will appear in approximately 35 years. [sh/rm]

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